*首都圏・大阪・福岡会場 募集枠終了のため、申し込み締め切りました

必須貴社名 (Company Name)
必須郵便番号 (Postal Code)
必須都道府県 (Prefecture)
必須市区町村 (City)
必須番地 (Number)
ビル名等 (Building name)
必須会社ホームぺージURL (Company homepage URL)
必須業種 (Business Sector)

▼ 上記以外その他の場合はこちらにご入力ください
(If you have selected ‘Others besides mentioned above’, please indicate your business sector.)
必須ご担当者の氏名 (Person in charge)
必須部署名 (Department)
必須役職名 (Title)
必須ご連絡先電話番号 (Telephone Number)
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必須ご連絡先メールアドレス (E-mail Address)
必須参加希望イベント (Event in which you would like to participate)
※首都圏キャリアフェア 2019/3/1(金) Career Fair in Osaka on 2019/2/17(Sun)は1/15 募集終了いたしました。
※福岡キャリアフェア 2019/2/3(日) Career Fair in Fukuoka on 2019/2/3(Sun)は1/15 募集終了いたしました。
※大阪キャリアフェア 2019/2/17(日) Career Fair in Osaka on 2019/2/17(Sun)は12/13 募集終了いたしました。

必須出展目的 (Purpose of your exhibition)
After the Career Fair, exhibitors are asked to answer a survey about their event impressions, recruiting results, etc. Do you agree to submit this survey?
個人情報の取扱いについて (Terms and Conditions on handling personal information)

株式会社パソナ(以下「当社」という。)は、一般財団法人自治体国際化協会(CLAIR)より受託したJETプログラムキャリアフェア(以下「当事業」という 。)を実施するにあたり、皆様より提供いただく個人情報を以下のように取り扱います。






個人情報保護管理者取締役常務執行役員 E-MAIL:privacy@pasona.co.jp


東京都千代田区大手町2-6-2(〒100-8228) Tel:0120-837-244

Personal Information Handling Policy
In the implementation of the JET Programme Career Fair ("JET Fair") contracted to Pasona Inc. ("Pasona") by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), Pasona shall handle the personal information received from participants as follows.

1. Usage purpose
Pasona Inc. ("Pasona") shall use the personal information it receives for the processing, response, and management of received inquiries, applications, and feedback and the delivery of materials and preparation of statistical data related to this event.

2. Supplying to third parties
Pasona shall not supply the information it receives to any third parties. However, Pasona may choose to supply the information in any of the following cases.
*If Pasona clarifies or notifies the individual of necessary matters and obtains consent
* When allowed pursuant to laws or regulations
*If necessary to protect the life, physical safety, or property of a person, and obtaining consent from the individual is difficult
*If necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and obtaining consent from the individual is difficult
*When a national or local government agency or an entity who has been contracted by such an agency is cooperating with the execution of a legal operation, and obtaining consent from the individual would obstruct the execution of that operation

3. Outsourcing
Pasona is also responsible and liable for the handling of personal information in the case of outsourcing. Pasona shall select subcontractors only after executing a strict investigation of the subcontractor and completing internal company approval procedures. Additionally, Pasona shall execute outsourcing only after entering into a nondisclosure agreement with each subcontractor and confirming personal information handling guidelines.

4. The noncompulsory nature of personal information supply
The decision to supply personal information is optional, so it is not collected on a compulsory basis whatsoever. However, be aware that if you decide not to supply personal information, you may not be able to use the services specified in the usage purposes in some cases.

5. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information
Regarding request for the notification of usage purpose, disclosure, content correction, supplementation, deletion, cessation of use, erasure, cessation of supply to third parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as "disclosure, etc."), Pasona will accommodate the request pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act through the consultation and complaint response center listed below. To accommodate requests for disclosure, etc., identity verification and request details are required. To this end, we require requesters to fill out required documentation designated by Pasona. Additionally, disclosure, etc. is not possible for the following cases.
*Erasure of personal information within 6 months
*Personnel evaluation information, personnel performance review results and screening related information, and information related to investigations into conduct in violation of the law, regulations, or company rules
*In the case of potential harm to the life, physical safety, or property of the individual or a third party or the potential of an impediment to any other rights or interests
*In the case of a potentially significant impediment to the appropriate execution of Pasona business
*In the case when disclosure, etc. would violate any other laws or regulations

6. Personal information protection manager position title, department, and contact information
Personal Information Protection Manager, Director & Managing Executive Officer
E-mail: privacy@pasona.co.jp

7. Personal information inquiry and request response
Direct consultation requests and complaints to the Pasona Global Department Director.
Address: 2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8228 Telephone: 0120-837-244

ご出展お問い合わせ先 JETプログラムキャリアフェア運営事務局(株式会社パソナJOB博事業部内) 03-6734-1270