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Daido Steel Co., Ltd.


採用形態正社員採用 Permanet Employee

University Graduate, Master programs

Graduating in 2019
本社所在地愛知県名古屋市東区東桜1丁目1-10アーバンネット名古屋ビル Urbannet Nagoya Building, 1-1-10 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoka City, Aichi Perfecture
業種■特殊鋼鋼材 自動車・産業機械および電気機械向け部品用材料、工具鋼・金型用材料など ■機能材料・磁性材料 ステンレス、高合金製品、電気・電子部品用材料、磁材製品(OA・FA用モーター、自動車用メーター・センサー等)、粉末製品(HEV用磁性粉末等)、チタン材料製品(医療用チタン合金等)、溶接用材料など ■自動車部品・産業機械部品 型鍛造品、熱間精密鍛造品および鋼機製品(自動車・ベアリング向け部品等)、自由鍛造品(船舶・産業機械・石油掘削用部品、宇宙・航空機用部品) ■エンジニアリング  鉄鋼設備、各種工業炉、環境関連設備(排水・排ガス等の処理設備)、工作機械等、機械設備の保守管理 ■流通・サービス グループ会社製品の販売、福利厚生サービス、不動産・保険事業、 ゴルフ場経営、分析事業 ■ Special Quality Steel Materials for automobiles parts, industrial machinery and electric machinery, materials for steel tools and molds, etc. ■ Machinery materials · Magnetic materials, Stainless steel, highly-alloyed products, materials for electric and electronic parts, magnetic products (OA · FA Magnetic powder for HEV etc.), titanium material products (titanium alloy for medical use etc.), materials for welding, etc. ■ Automotive parts · Industrial machinery parts, forged parts, hot precision, Forged products and steel products (parts for automobiles and bearings), free forged products (ships, industrial machinery, parts for oil drilling, parts for space and aircraft) ■ Engineering steel equipment, various industrial furnaces, environment related equipment (drainage · Maintenance equipment for machinery and equipment, etc. ■ Distribution and service Group company, Sales of products, benefits welfare services, real estate / insurance business, golf course management, analysis business

(Art Stream) Production Management, Management, Raw materials and procurement, General affairs and recruitment
(Science Stream) Production Technique, Infrastructural Design, Researching
従業員数11,873名(連結) 3,340名(単独)
過去の外国人採用歴あり(2~3名/年)Yes (2~3 person per year)

"We discover the potentials of different materials and continue to support the future of people and society."
On the foundation of special quality steel production and the background of high technical skills, we improve the quality of our products, establish high profitability structure and increase the company's value for our shareholders, in order to become "a special, creative corporation which, contribute to the society of 21st century". Besides, in order to achieve our aim as a "progressing corporation", and to meet the trust and expectation of our employee, business partner and society, we utilize our human resource, sharpen our techniques, and continue to explore unknown fields.

The Group (the Company and its affiliates), consists of the company and 67 subsidiaries (of which 36 consolidated subsidiaries), 13 associated companies (of which 6 affiliates accounted for by the equity method) (till March 31, 2018), is working on 5 sections: special quality steel, machinery materials and magnetic materials, automobile parts and industrial machinery parts, engineering, logistic and service.

(Art Stream) Production Management, Management, Raw materials and procurement, General affairs and recruitment
(Science Stream) Production Technique, Infrastructural Design, Researching

Japan : HQ (Nagoya), Sales Office ( Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka), Factory (Chita, Hoshizaki, Shibukawa, Takiharu, Tsukiji, Kimitsu, Oji)
Overseas: 12 branches in North America and center Southeast Asia
就業時間本社・支店 9:00~18:00(休憩1H)
工場・研究所 8:30~17:30(休憩1H)

HQ and branch office 9:00~18:00 (1 hr break)
Factory and research lab 8:30~17:30 (1 hr break)
*subject to changes according to respective office or factories
休日週休2日制(各事業場別カレンダーによる)、年末年始・夏季長期休暇あり、年間休日 125日(2011年実績)、 有給休暇(20日/年)・慶弔・記念日休暇

2 days holiday per week (according to respective calendars of the factories), New Year holiday, Summer break, 125 days of annual holiday (2011), Paid holiday (20 days/year), Celebration or condolences break, National day holiday
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, workers compensation insurance
福利厚生財形貯蓄、住宅融資など各種制度、独身寮・社宅あり、医療施設、保養施設および契約リゾート施設など Various systems such as property savings and housing financing, single dormitory / company housing available, medical facilities, recreational facilities and contract resort facilities etc.
諸手当等通勤手当、残業手当、食事手当あり Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, meal allowance

In a company which will appoint young employees with various assignments and responsibilities, we are looking for people who could think and act by themselves.
We are working hard on creating an environment which, allows employees to speak out their minds regardless their age or positions, and allows young people to gain motivation and voice out new ideas.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等日本語(会話・筆記・コミュニケーション力)、英語(会話・筆記・コミュニケーション力)、ご出身の国の言語

Japanese (Speech, Writing, Communication abilities), English (Speech, Writing, Communication abilities), respective Mother Tongues

Document screening ⇒ Interview (2~3 times) ⇒ Job offer

As one of the world's largest special steel specialized manufacturer, Daido Steel Co., Ltd. supports the foundation of various industries such as automobile, industrial machinery, aerospace, ships, energy, electronics, etc. We are working towards being the World's No.1 everyday.

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