JOB博(JOBFAIR)/外国籍人材・留学生・海外勤務の就職活動サポート・イベント (JOB FAIR in JAPAN) 就職活動はJOB博ではじめよう!

外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career

JOB博 外国人向け就職活動セミナー(18年卒対象)


Job-haku Seminars for International students in Japan on 6th Mar.

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Our much-anticipated seminars in Spring are now open for registration!

Attention international students!

At Job Haku, we are setting up job-search/career-change seminars for foreigners in Japan.

They will be workshop-style seminars based on concrete examples,
regarding topics like choosing the right industry for you, and analyzing companies and businesses.

We will also be taking individual consultations, so don’t worry! We hope to see you there.

Note: Seminars will be held in Japanese. English assistance available.

スケジュール schedule of seminar

「日本での就職活動をスタートする!」  Ver.2 [Orientation for Job hunting in Japan]

【開催日時】 3月6日(月)18時00分  6th March 18:00

【会 場】 パソナグループ本部 東京都千代田区大手町2-6-4
【Location】 Pasona Group Main Office 2-chome 6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to
JOB博セミナー会場 MAP











JOB博セミナー3/6 参加申込フォーム Apply now!

Dear Job Seekers,

Pasona Global organizes useful seminars to help you get through the unique Japanese system of “shukatsu (job-hunting)”. There are certain steps you are required to follow, special preparations you need to do, and information you must know before applying for target companies. Joining Job Hunting Preparation seminars is the first step for your successful job search in Japan!

Our experienced consultants will be guiding you step by step into how to get started with your job hunting process and answering your questions.

Below are the following points you should be expecting after joining our seminar ;

■Japan`s Fresh Graduate Job Hunting System Information (a lifetime employment・seniority system、salary rise up system, group interview, etc)

■Getting to know the job hunting period as well as understanding of job hunting know-hows in Japan.

■How to sell yourself

We provide you a job hunting bundle kit

☆★Job Hunting`s Schedule information☆★

☆★Preparation Item Check List☆★

We will hold individual career counselling in English or Japanese.


【服 装】 指定なし
【Dress Code】 Business Casual Attire

【持 物】 筆記用具
【What to Bring】 Pen and paper


We hope to see you soon!

JOB博セミナー3/6 参加申込フォームApply now!