Pasona Group Inc.

採用形態正社員・契約社員  Permanent employee or Contract employee
Vocational school, Junior college, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate
Expected to graduate in 2022, or for recent graduate with work experience within 3 years
本社所在地東京都千代田区大手町2-6-2 JOB HUB SQUARE Otemachi 2-6-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


◆Human Resources
Career support in a wide range of human resource including women, juniors, seniors, global talents, and disabilities

◆ Business
・ Expert services: Dispatch of professional human resources
・ Global Sourcing: Overseas human resources services
・ Outsourcing: Welfare services
・ IT Humanware: Dispatch of engineers, career support, job changing support
・ Press & Search: Career change support
・ Outplacement: Reemployment support
・ Life solutions: Childcare/nursing care
・ Public solutions: Farming support ・ Local revitalization ・Career support for fresh graduates and disabilities
・ Regional Revitalization: Regional Revitalization Business in Awajishima, Kyoto, Okayama, Oita, etc.
Regional revitalization business, Global sourcing,
Human resource management, consulting and childcare business (Awajishima)
資本金50億円 / 5,000,000,000 JPY
9,317 employees (consolidated, including contract employees)
941 foreign employees out of a total of 10,770 employees on a consolidated basis at domestic and abroad.


【Corporate Philosophy】Solutions to Society's Problems

Based on its corporate philosophy of providing "Solutions to Society's Problems", which has been unchanged since its founding, Pasona Group has always been a social solutions company dedicated to its mission of assisting all aspects of life for all those regarding us regardless of gender, nationality, age, and values. We are committed to building diverse forms of social infrastructure so that everyone that wished to work can demonstrate their talents and abilities to the fullest and can be active with ways of working that match their own lifestyles.
To carry this out, we are challenging in a wide range of fields not only human resources business but also various services that enrich people's lives.

Since its founding in 1976, the Pasona Group has promoted an infrastructure that supports the creation of a comfortable lifestyle for people everywhere. based on the corporate philosophy of "solutions to society's problems". We are conducting a variety of problem-solving projects to help Japan become an attractive society for global talents and to enrich our lives in regions where population declination is a problem.



◆Regional Revitalization Project (Awaji Island)
・ Manage projects to create new employment style by attracting human resources
・ Cooperate with local governments and local companies, revitalize the local area nationwide on themes of Japanese culture (anime/manga, etc.), food and health

◆Global Business Division (Tokyo)
 Global Sourcing
・Career support for global talents who are active in borderless.
・ Provide solutions and consultation for companies considering overseas expansion
Human resource management and Consulting sales
・ Support and offer services that solve the issues related to people and organizations in all industries

◆Awaji Kids Garden (Awaji Island)
 Promote English language education & running the International Nursery School located in the forest.
Tokyo Office ・Awaji Island Office (Hyogo Prefecture)
就業時間9:00 ~ 17:30
2 days off per week( Flexible working hours.)
社会保険健康、厚生年金、労災、雇用、団体障害、団体生命 /Health, employee pensions, workers' compensation, employment, group personal accident insurance, group life insurance
福利厚生【制度】 パソナカフェテリアプラン(福利厚生ポイント)、退職金、持株会
財形貯蓄【施設】社員寮、パソナファミリー保育園、社食【その他】グループ会社 ベネフィット・ワン会員、クラブ活動Pasona Cafeteria Plan (Welfare Points), retirement allowance, company stock option,
Property savings (Facilities) employee dormitory, Pasona family nursery school, company meals
(Others) Benefit One membership, club activities
Position allowance, role allowance, sales allowance, overtime working allowance, commuting allowance, family allowance,

◆Awajishima (Hyogo)
We are looking for new business entrepreneurs, theme park and resort facility management, art, agriculture, music, sports, animation, education, and other human resources who will be involved in future business operations. We are looking for creators, innovators, and designers who want to start up new businesses.

We are looking for a career advisor who will support employment in Japan for international job seekers as well as globalization for Japanese companies.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等日本語:ビジネスレベル
Japanese: Business Level
JOB HAKU > Video screening > First screening >Final interview > job offer
株式会社パソナグループへの応募はこちら↓ Please apply from the URL below↓
連絡先:グローバル採用窓口  globalsaiyo@pasonagroup.co.jp
We are looking for those who
・share the same "Contribute to Society" vision,
・would like to become a bridge between Japan and the work
・interested in Japanese culture
・would like to support career for foreigners
・would like to produce new careers
・would like to work among the natural environment
・interesred in child care
Visit our booth to know more about various businesses we are challenging.