JOB博(JOBFAIR)/外国籍人材・留学生・海外勤務の就職活動サポート・イベント (JOB FAIR in JAPAN) 就職活動はJOB博ではじめよう!

外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career

出展企業 (大阪)/ Companies Osaka

Please make sure to check both the exhibition company booths catalogue and the companies participating in seminars catalogue.

JOB博 参画企業ブースコーナー Company Booths


Participating companies will individually conduct company information sessions inside their booths. These sessions will include information about the company as well as guidance for the selection-process.

JOB博 企業セミナー(予約者優先)
Company Seminars

Each seminar has seats available and it lasts for one hour. This seminar’s contents are such as industry information, overseas information of compnays businesses, what personality traits and screening processes are needed to take, etc.
This is an great opportunity to thoroughly listen to a company representative about the companies’ information.

セミナー出展企業/大阪 8月10日 Seminar attending companies on 14th April in Osaka

Seats are limited for company seminars. Priority will be given to the guests with reservation.

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個別面接ブース出展企業 Individual interview at booth

事前にエントリーシートの提出が必要です。Advanced submission of resume is required
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ブース出展企業/大阪 8月10日 Exhibition Company Booths in Osaka August 10th,2018

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JOB博大阪 参加申込フォーム(8/10)Apply now!

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