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Kohnan Shoji Co., Ltd.

採用形態正社員採用 / Permanent employees
Bachelor, Master, Doctorate
Graduating in 2021, Fall 2020 or already graduated
本社所在地大阪府堺市西区鳳東町6丁637番地1号 6-637-1
Kutocho, Nishi-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
Product planning, business planning, general affairs, business sales (domestic/overseas),
Sales (domestic / overseas), sales /customer service, overseas procurement, trade / international affairs
業種・ホームセンター、インテリア、家具、ガーデニング、DIY用品、レジャー用品、リフォーム、ペット用品等 ・Home center, interior, furniture, gardening, DIY goods, leisure goods, remodeling, pet goods etc
資本金176億58百万円/ 17,658 million JPY
2,903 full-time employees, 8,745 associate employees
企業HP URLhttp://www.hc-kohnan.com/
過去の外国人採用歴外国人採用歴有り/ Experience in foreign employees recruitment
Our corporate mission is "prioritize to improve customers' lives first". Our employee's routine is to create an array of products and services closely related to the customer's life and create a sales floor that captures the perspective of the customer. In addition to selling products, we aim to make Konan more pleasing to customers by being aware of product trends and customer needs.
(The leading company in the home center industry that supplies living and living related products.)
We develop home center business nationwide, focusing on "Home Center Conan". At our home center, a wide range of products is available, including do-it-yourself supplies such as wood, tools and paints, gardening supplies, daily necessities, interiors, and pet supplies. With the aim of being a community-based home center named "Conan in your city", we fully support your home and your life!
業務内容入社後まずは店舗での販売員からスタート。接客、商品管理、売場づくり等、店舗運営の基礎を学びます。 その後、語学力を活かし、海外からの商品調達や商品開発、海外店舗の経営、貿易関連の仕事にチャレンジしてください。その他にも様々な部署がありますので、自分の適性を見つけ、自分だけのキャリアビジョンを描いてください。
After joining the company, we would like you to start your career as a sales staff at our stores. You will have chances to learn the basics of store operation, such as customer service, product management, and sales floor development. After that, utilize your language skills to challenge products procurement and development from overseas, overseas store management, and trading-related work. There are various departments inside our company, so find out your aptitude and plan your own career path.
Head office or stores (nationwide)
Shift- working system (8 working hours per day )
* Varies by each stores' business hour
116 days per annum
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 Employment Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Pension Insurance
福利厚生昇給(年1回)、賞与(年2回)  Pay raise ( once a year), bonus (twice a year)
諸手当等従業員割引、団体保険、財形貯蓄、社員持株会など Employee discount, group insurance, asset-building savings, employee stocks ownership etc
First of all, you will have a chance to experience positions at our store. After learning the store operation, please utilize your language skills to aim for the buyer business and the business related to overseas stores. We are looking for someone interested in store management.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等ビジネスレベルの英語力、日常会話レベル以上の日本語力
English: business level
Japanese: conversational level or higher
選考ステップJOB博 → 面接・面談(数回)→ 内定
JOB HAKU participation → Interviews (several times) → Job offer
Please apply for us at JOB HAKU.
In July 2016, Konan is the first company in the home center industry to open a store in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. We began our business with challenging spirit, which is also our strength, to become a home center recognized all around the world. Besides opening overseas stores, we sell original products whose revenue is worth over 100 billion yen annually. If you are interested in product development and product purchasing, please join us.
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