JOB博(JOBFAIR)/外国籍人材・留学生・海外勤務の就職活動サポート・イベント (JOB FAIR in JAPAN) 就職活動はJOB博ではじめよう!

外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career


採用形態正社員採用 / Permanent employees
採用対象 大学卒、修士
Bachelor, Master
Graduating in 2020, Fall 2019 (estimated) or already graduated
本社所在地鳥取県倉吉市駄経寺町390番地 390 Dagyozi-cho, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture
Enigneering(R&D, Design, Production technology, Quality Assurance)
業種鉄素形材製造業 自動車用鍛工品製造業 Iron materials and automobiles parts manufacturing
資本金130百万円 130 million JPY
従業員数350名 350 employees
企業HP URLhttp://www.meiji-df.co.jp
過去の外国人採用歴なし Inexperience in foreign employees recruitment
We have many training systems for self-development and skill development, such as technological qualifications acquisition encouragement, internal education as well as external training. In terms of products, we have been certified as a regional future leading company by the Ministry of Economy and Tottori Prefecture niche top companies organization. In addition, we have won numerous awards such as the first "TPM Excellence Award" in the forging industry, the "Minister of Economy's Award" for Environment-Friendly factories, and the "Quality Excellence Award" from customers. In addition, our company is located in Kurayoshi City in the center of Tottori Prefecture, surrounded by a lush green environment.
事業内容当社は、鍛造から機械加工までの一貫生産体制で、各種自動車・ロボット・工作機械などの熱間鍛造部品を生産しています。 金型も設計から製造まで内製しています。また、長年培った開発力、解析力、改善力と全社員技能士資格取得による総力で「特色あるユニークな会社作り」を目指しています。『故障ゼロ、不良ゼロ、災害ゼロ』を目的とするTPM(全員参加の生産保全)活動が定着し、担当する設備は 自ら修理・保全・改善を進めることで効率的に業務を進める事ができます。またタイには、Thai Summit Meiji Forging Co., Ltd. という合弁会社があり、海外向け鍛造部品を生産しています。
Our company produces hot forged parts such as various cars, robots, and machine tools in an integrated production system from forging to machining. Molds are also manufactured in-house from design to manufacturing. we are aiming to create a unique company with the combined strength of development, analysis, improvement, and we have cultivated our employees' skills all over the years. TPM (production maintenance with all employees participation) activities aimed at “zero failure, zero defects, zero disasters” have been established, and the facilities in charge can efficiently carry out operations by promoting repair, maintenance, improvement by themselves. We also have a joint venture in Thailand called Thai Summit Meiji Forging Co., Ltd., which produces forged parts for our overseas market.
・Product development and design, production technology in forging products manufacturing of auto parts and industrial machine parts
・ Quality assurance
Process setting such as forging, mold making, heat treatment, press molding, drawing creation, perform CAD data creation, check quality, etc.
You also may have a chance to work in our joint venture in Thailand after you have acquired our technical skills for about 5 to 10 years. In that case, as a leader in the mold design department, you will be required to teach and train local engineers.
Head office R&D Division
就業時間8時15分 ~16時45分(休憩45分)
8:15~16:45 (including a 45-minutes-break)
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays (115 days off per year)
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 Employment Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Pension Insurance
福利厚生住宅補助、転居費用補助、クラブ活動補助  階層別研修、各種技能・技術研修、リーダー研修 Housing allowance, relocation allowance, club activities, level-based training, various skills and technical training, leader training
諸手当等 職場、家族、資格、時間外、役職等手当 Workplace, Family, Qualification, Overtime, Position allowance etc.
求める人材 ・大きい声で、正しく、進んであいさつのできる人
We are looking for those who
・have a loud voice, etiquette
・are bright and light-hearted, healthy and strong-minded
・are willing to work on improvement and offer suggestions
・have an understanding and knowledge of technology
・ always keeps time and promises when reporting, communicating and consulting
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等タイ語:ネイティブ相当
英語 :技術文献が読める程度

Thai: Native level
Japanese: Able to handle a conversation about technology
English: Able to comprehend technical documents
選考ステップ応募 ⇒ 筆記試験(数学、物理、常識、作文) ⇒ 面接 ⇒ 内定、選考は1回です。
Application → Written test (Math, Physics, Essay, and Common knowledge)→ Interview→ Job offer (there is only one screening.)
Please send us your documents including resumes, transcript, and expected graduation certificate)
The screening will be conducted at the head office, but we will reimburse transportation expenses to the head office
参加者へのメッセージ 世界を目指す地方トップ企業で活躍しよう!
Let's make our company become the world's top company!
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