JOB博(JOBFAIR)/外国籍人材・留学生・海外勤務の就職活動サポート・イベント (JOB FAIR in JAPAN) 就職活動はJOB博ではじめよう!

外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career

Pasona Group Inc.

採用形態正社員・契約社員  Permanent employee or Contract employee
Vocational school, Junior college, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate
Those who are graduating in Fall 2019, in 2020 (estimated) or already graduated
本社所在地東京都千代田区大手町2-6-2 JOB HUB SQUARE Otemachi 2-6-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
主な募集職種【総合職】地方創生事業 ~地方創生イノベーターとして様々な新規事業を立案!~
◆Competitive work position
Local vitalization Department:
Plan and create new business as a member of regional innovation team
業種インディペンデント ワークシステム(人材派遣) インソーシング(委託・請負) HRコンサルティング、教育・研修、グローバルソーシング(海外人材サービス)/ Temporary staffing (Consignment / Contracting) HR Consulting, Education, Training, Global Sourcing (Overseas Human Resources Services)
資本金50億円 / 5,000,000,000 JPY
従業員数9,074名(連結・契約社員含む) /9,074 employees (consolidated, including contract employees)
企業HP URLhttps://www.pasonagroup.co.jp/
過去の外国人採用歴多数あり Experience in foreign employees recruitment
Pasona Group's job is to harness the potential of the individual. That is, to "Life Produce" and to support the creation of a comfortable lifestyle for people everywhere.

To carry this out, our mission is to continue embracing challenges with high aspirations and dedication toward creating a new social infrastructure.

Creating a society in which every person is able to find work that they like and a career that complements their personal goals
Working toward a society in which people are free to exercise their talents through an egalitarian relationship between the workplace and the individual
Promoting diversity and continually create opportunities for individuals to achieve their dreams.

【Global sourcing】
・ Introduce global human resources who are active in borderless
・ Plan education and training program for the representative of Japanese companies expanding overseas
・ Hold job fair event named "JOB Haku" for foreign students and people who want to work abroad
・ Provide information and consultation service to foreign companies considering business expansion in Japan

【Human resources management consulting sales】
・Provide management solution service that solves management issues related to people and organizations in all industries

【Career Produce】
・Provide counseling service, career education, and employment support service for mid-career candidates
・世界各国から様々な人材が集まる仕組みづくり・インバウンド事業 等

【Local vitalization】
・ Create a new way of employment by attracting various human resources and manage projects
・ Develop mechanisms to bring diverse talented people together and revitalize regional industries
・ Collaborate with local governments and local companies to create activities around the country with the theme of Japanese culture (animation/manga, etc.), food and health, etc.
・ Activate regional economy through new business planning
・ Propose new food culture through the management of cafe, restaurant, and sightseeing facility using idle assets
・ Create a system gathering various human resources from all over the world
・ Inbound business etc.
就業場所淡路島・東京 等
Awajishima Island, Tokyo, etc
Depending on each job position
2 days off per week
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険、介護保険 / Health insurance, pension plan, employment insurance, employees' accident insurance, long-term care insurance
福利厚生交通費支給 ・制服貸与、まかない有 ・社員寮完備 ・ベネフィット・ステーション加入 / transportation allowance, corporate loan, free meals for employees, dormitory, benefit station
諸手当等【諸手当】 カフェテリアポイント(12万~14万円分/年間)、通勤手当、家族手当(扶養のみ)、営業手当、残業手当、退職金制度あり、各種保険完備/ 【Various allowances】 Cafeteria points (120,000 to 140,000 JPY per annum), Commuting allowance, Family allowance (support), Sales allowance, Overtime allowance, Retirement allowance, insurance packages

We are looking for those who are...
■ Active, passionate, and willing to contribute to society and share the same vision with us.
■ Ambitious and serious
■ Cooperative and able to work closely with others
■ Energetic and creative
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等日常会話レベル以上の日本語力(日本語能力試験2級レベル)
Conversational Japanese level or higher (JLPT N2 level)
JOB HAKU~ Document submission (Resume, entry sheet)~Several interviews~Job offer
More information will be provided at our booth on the day of JOB fair.
Pasona Group has a variety of fields that can meet your expectations regardless of age, gender or nationality!
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