JOB博(JOBFAIR)/外国籍人材・留学生・海外勤務の就職活動サポート・イベント (JOB FAIR in JAPAN) 就職活動はJOB博ではじめよう!

外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career


採用形態正社員採用 / Permanent employees
Vocational school, Bachelor, Master
Graduating in Fall 2019, 2020 (estimated) or already graduated
本社所在地愛知県半田市中午町178番地 178 Nakauma-cho, Handa City, Aichi Prefecture
Comprehensive work
業種製造業:粉体機器総合メーカー及び粉体プラントエンジニアリング 製品等:粉体機器(混合機、集塵機、計量機、粉砕機、解砕機、自動開袋機、異物除去機、供給機) Manufacturing industry: Powder general manufacturer and powder plant engineering Products, etc .: Powder (mixer, dust collector, weighing machine, crusher, dis-integrator, automatic opening machine, foreign material remover, feeder)
資本金5,000万円 50 million JPY
従業員数150名(男性:132名、女性18名) 150 employees (Male: 132 employees, Female: 18 employees)
企業HP URLhttp://www.tsukasa-ind.co.jp
過去の外国人採用歴ベトナム人2名(2017年11月入社)2 Vietnamese employees (Joining in November 2017)
As a leading company in powder technology, TSUKASA INDUSTRIES aims to provide new value to a wide range of markets from daily life goods such as food and pharmaceuticals to leading-edge fields such as electronics and electronic components. We are engaged in technological innovation, always keep up with changing situations, provide composite powder equipment to innovate the production process, design plants that have artistic qualities, and pursue the creation of new value that opens new future for customers.
If you research the manufacturing process of food and medicine, you will find out that "powder" exists in every stage. From familiar things such as wheat flour, sugar to scientific experiments, and paints also contain "flour". In fact, "powder" is also active in the cutting-edge fields of mobile phones and electronic components. Speaking of "powder," it may be an unfamiliar word, but it has attracted much attention as a new material creation technology from now on. From food and chemicals to pharmaceuticals and electronic components, powder handling technology is an integral part of various industries. Tsukasa is highly valued and trusted as a powder manufacturer that handles powder with its unique technological development capabilities and advanced manufacturing technologies.


B2B sales in Japan, business negotiations with overseas customers and overseas exhibition participation.
You can utilize your English and Chinese ability.

【Design development】
Equipment construction design
When you are in charge of the project, you will be required to go to the site and supervise the construction. For overseas projects, English and Chinese are required when discussing with local contractors.
Head office
There will be a one-hour-break starting from 12:00
120 days offer per annum ( Depending on company's calendar)
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 Employment Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Pension Insurance
福利厚生財形貯蓄、昼食補助、被服貸与、海外視察研修、社員旅行、ツカサ会、健康診断、特別休暇、慶弔見舞金、再雇用制度、社有保養施設、持ち株会、各種団体保険、特別弁当、夏冬ギフト支給、インフルエンザ予防接種補助 Financial savings, lunch meal ticket, uniform laundry, overseas inspection training, employee travel, tsukasa society, health checkup, special leave, reemployment system, company-owned nursing home, employee stocks ownership, various group insurance, special lunch box, summer winter gift, influenza vaccination
諸手当等通勤手当、時間外手当、出張手当、移動手当、家族手当、役職手当、資格手当他 Transportation allowance, overtime allowance, business trip allowance, transfer allowance, family allowance, position allowance, qualification allowance, etc.
We are actively globalizing so we sincerely welcome young people who are serious about their career and enjoy their job.
There are business trips both inside Japan and abroad, that's why it is the best job for those who like to travel and those who want to utilize their language skills.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等英語:日常会話レベル以上
English: Conversational level or higher
Chinese: Business level or higher
Japanese: JLPT N2 level or higher (Conversational level or higher)
* At least 2 languages ability described above are required.
JOB HAKU→ Document screening ( Company presentation) → First interview→Second interview→ Job offer
Those who would like to apply for our company presentation, please kindly visit our recruiting website:
As our company is in a field where it is difficult to understand even if you read the explanation about us.
So visit our booth and listen to our company presentation.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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