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■ Registration is required to attend the event.
■ After registering for the event, please upload your CV on Job Haku Mypage.
■ In case of excess capacity, the document screening will be conducted. Those who pass the screening will be invited to the 1-on-1 online information session.
■ The event will take place in 2 days, however, please kindly register for only one session whose schedule works out for you.
※Please also note that the 1-on-1 online information session date and time may not always meet your preferences. In such case, Pasona Career Advisor will contact you directly for the time arrangements.

Registration for 1-on-1 online information session with Accenture Japan Ltd(2021/01/27)


Accenture Japan Ltd is actively looking for global talents, who would like to work as a digital consultant in an English-speaking environment. Either those who are interested in this consulting company or those who haven’t heard about us yet are welcome to join our 1-ON-1 online information session. At this session, you will have an opportunity to learn about the position, get a feel of the company atmosphere and culture through the 1-on-1 casual talk with company representatives.
Also, note that this session is not a recruitment interview, so relax and join us. Let’s get to know more about each other!

Accenture Japan Ltd

Company info Company website

Why should you join us?

Don’t you want to get to know about one of the biggest consultant firms in the world?

By coming to 1-on-1 online information session with Accenture Japan, you will have chance to talk to company representatives directly for more insight information and get a feel of the company atmosphere.

Discussion will be held in English!

Japanese proficiency no longer matters! Candidates are not required to speak Japanese for this position so the whole session will be held in English.

Relax and join us from your home!

We would like to offer an open and casual talk so relax and join us not only as an interviewee but also as an interviewer. Feel free to ask us any questions you have.

Date and Time ➀ January 25 (Mon.) 1-on-1 online information session with Accenture Japan Ltd 10:00~17:00
➁ January 27 (Wed.) 1-on-1 online information session with Accenture Japan Ltd 10:00~17:00
Qualifications to partcipate Graduated from or currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. program
Graduation date should be between March 2019 to Sepetember 2022
Have no working experience
English proficiency should be equivalent to native level or TOEIC 855 scores level
Venue ZOOM MEETING (Join us from your home)
How to join us ➀ Register for JOB HAKU Mypage
➁ Click on the registration button on the top of this page to make a reservation to attend the event
➂ Upload your CV on JOB HAKU Mypage
On the day of the event JOB HAKU Administration Office will contact you privately via e-mail for more details regarding discussion time and ZOOM URL