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外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career


採用形態正社員採用 Permanent employees
Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate programs
Graduating 2019, or already graduated
本社所在地東京都大田区南蒲田2-16-1 テクノポートカマタセンタービル6F Techno Port Kamata Center Building 6F 2-16-1 Minami Kamata, Ota Ward ,Tokyo
主な募集職種◆技術系職  ◆ Technical position
業種技術者派遣、各種設計開発、各種コンピュータソフト開発、各種研究開発、技術者教育 Dispatch engineer, design development, computer software development, research and development, education service for engineer staffs
資本金5,000万円/ 50 Million Japanese Yen
従業員数875名 / 875 employees
過去の外国人採用歴多数あり ※現在20名在籍/ Many foregin employeers ( 20 employees)
企業理念&説明「Play with Technology.」
高い技術力はエンジニアにあり。モノづくりに情熱をもち、実直にモノづくりと向き合う。技術力への信頼は、そんなエンジニアの姿勢により築きあげられています。会社の「変革期」に突入したいま、成長を続けていくために私たちの強みに更なる磨きをかけていく。それが、「Play with Technology.」。いいものを生み出すことは、おもしろい。モノづくりの情熱に遊び心を加え、成長の喜びを多くのエンジニアに知ってほしい。これまでにGEが築き上げてきた信頼と、マイナビの人材・メディア領域での総合力とのシナジー効果でさらなる躍進につなげていけると確信しています。
Engineers are those who have not only high technical skills but also enthusiasm and loyalty for creating. The trust in technology is built up by the attitude of such engineers. Now that we have entered the "revolution period" of the company, we will further refine our strengths to keep growing. As our "Play with Technology." philosophy, we want to create an environment were our engineers can add playfulness to their passion of manufacturing, enjoy creating good things and feel the joy of growth. We deeply believe that the trust GE has built up so far and Mynavi’s comprehensive strength in human resource and media areas can lead to our further breakthroughs
We provide technical service as "design and development department" for many different manufacturers in various fields such as automobiles, aircraft, railway, household appliances, and energy. We have about 300 major business clients dealing with various products such as automobiles, electrical equipment, aircraft. Our engineers focus on designing and developing clients’ products and the projects based on their desires. They choose to work on one special products or technology as a specialist or to experience various products and works as a generalist. We create a working environment where employees can decide their “dream” and “thought” and what to do.

(1) Design and development for machinery / automobile / aircraft / space / robot / mechatronics / plant etc.
(2) Design and development for electronic equipment / electric appliances / electronic parts / circuits / equipment etc.
(3) Control system · Embedded software design development
(4) Open system business, Web system system development
180 locations in the Kanto area, 80 locations in the Kansai area, 40 locations in the central area, 40 locations in the Kyushu area
就業時間9:00~18:00 ※配属先による

9:00~18:00 ※ Following by clients'working time schedule

Weekends (Saturday, Sunday), Public holidays, Annual holiday: 125 days (FY 2018) ※ Following by clients'working calendar
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険 / Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers compensation insurance
福利厚生健保直営・提携保養施設、レクリエーション、表彰制度、社員寮制度、社内サークル Directly-owned · affiliated recreation facilities, recreation, award system, employee dormitory system, in-house circle
諸手当等通勤手当、時間外手当、深夜手当、資格手当、家族手当他/ Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, late night allowance, qualification allowance, family allowance, etc
Those who have strong enthusiam in design and development which is the origins of manufacturing.
Those who would like to engage in manufacturing for major manufacturers.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等機械系、電気電子系を専攻されている方
Those who major in machinery or electrical and electronics engineering
Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or higher
JOB Haku participation ~ Resume submission~ Document screening ~ First Interview ~ Final Interview ~ Job offer
Please upload your resume (entry sheet) on our recruiting website or send it by post.
Our company is an engineering company belonging to My Navi Group. We have specialized in the design and development field for 46 years since our foundation and focus on supporting Japan's manufacturing by supporting leading manufacturers and international projects. On the enterprise scale, our company is "No.1" company of My Navi Group, and we are also top class company in engineer dispatching specialized in design development industry. Many foreign engineers are also working at our company. We are looking forward to seeing you all.
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