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外国人・グローバル就職・転職への挑戦をサポート For your Challenge to the Global Career

Septeni Co., Ltd

採用形態正社員採用 / Hiring for Permanent Employees
Bachelor, Master, doctorate programs
Graduating in 2020/2019 or before
本社所在地東京都新宿区西新宿8-17-1 住友不動産新宿グランドタワー27階 Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 30th Floor,8-17-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo



■Account Planner
This is a position that takes responsibility for the front-end aspects of our Internet marketing support services.
In this role, you will provide comprehensive planning and recommendations across all types of devices and media for advertisements, announcements, promotions and sales activities that will solve our clients' marketing concerns.

■Web Consultant
This position recommends solutions to clients to maximize the efficiency and value generated versus cost in the use of Internet media.
Alongside the sales staff, you will be on the front lines of our business, with chances to share your knowledge with clients directly, and will design and implement the most effective communication plans and management products.

■Creative Director
This position plans, recommends, and produces the creative content necessary for Internet advertisements.
After considering consumers' insight and usability, you will create more effective advertising products by imagining and producing advertising slogans and designs.
資本金300百万円 3000 million yen
従業員数1306名 1306 employees
過去の外国人採用歴毎年、外国人新卒は2名以上採用 We hire more than 2 foreign students as new employees every year

We will deliver smiles and emotion to the world through challenging the limitless possibilities of internet marketing, together with our customers.

We provide comprehensive Internet marketing support services to both domestic and overseas corporations.
Beginning with the sale of Internet advertisements, particularly for smartphones, we also provide other services including our corporate group's cloud-based CRM service and affiliate network marketing platforms.
We have 16 overseas offices (in 7 Asian countries and 2 countries in North America and Europe), and are providing Internet marketing support services to local companies through the construction of a cross-border transaction system for online advertising.
Please see the available position list for details.
就業場所東京 Tokyo
Two days off per week (Saturday, Sunday), national holidays, year-end and year-start holidays, summer holidays (10 days from second year of employment), corporate foundation day
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 Health insurance, Welfare pension insurance, Employment insurance, Labor accident insurance
福利厚生各種制度:各種インセンティブ制度、従業員持株会 Various Types: Incentive plans, employee stock options
諸手当等残業手当、通勤手当 Overtime work allowance, transportation allowance

・Someone who tries to understand the relationships between himself/herself, the people around him/her, and the situations at hand while valuing teamwork
・Someone who is unafraid of making mistakes, who will consistently challenge himself/herself, and has a desire for growth
・Someone who will work hard to lead their team towards the best possible circumstances regardless of nationality, gender, or age
・Someone who does not give up, who is persistent, and takes responsibility
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等語学:(日本語)日本語検定1級 
Language : Japanese-JLPT1
First interview→Online submission and aptitude test→Second interview→Final interview

Septeni is a company that supports people who are strongly seeking personal growth who have a strong will to get things done.
All of us who work at Septeni work to create a desire to create goals, consider them, and take the initiative to act on them.
If what you wish to do and what our company is aiming to do match up, let's work and grow together to pursue our ideals.
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