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Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning

Hiring permanent employees
Graduating in 2021
Vocational school, Junior college, Bachelor, Master
本社所在地105-0022 東京都港区海岸1丁目16番1号
1-16-1, Kaigan Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan
Mechanical industry
General Electric (Electric / Electronic Equipment) / Home Appliance / AV Equipment / Heavy Electric / Industrial Electric Equipment / Semiconductor / Electronic Parts / Others
HR: Shimizu Office or Tokyo
Finance : Tochigi
1,865 million JPY
About 15,000 (consolidated)
Has experience in recruiting foreign employees
当社は、ジョンソンコントロールズの広範な販売チャネルに加え、双方の技術力および研究開発基盤をもとに、グローバルなプレゼンスと最強のHVAC(Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)製品ポートフォリオを有する会社となりました。ジョンソンコントロールズの業界をリードするHVACおよびビルオートメーションソリューションに加え、日立の世界有数のVRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow)システム、家庭用エアコン、高効率チラー、最先端ロータリーおよびスクロール圧縮機など、多様で幅広い空調関連製品を両社のシナジーを最大限に発揮し、「安全で快適、そして持続可能な世界」を創造していきます。
Every day, everywhere, we support our customer's success.
The Company has a global presence and the strongest HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) product portfolio based on Johnson Controls' broad sales channels, combined technical capabilities and R & D base. With the combination of Johnson Controls' industry-leading HVAC, building automation solutions and Hitachi's world-leading Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, home air conditioners, high-efficiency chillers, advanced rotary, as well as scroll compressors, we will create the "safe, comfortable and sustainable world".
◆ Design, develop, manufacture and sell comprehensive air conditioning equipment for privates, enterprises as well as industries.
Our company is a joint venture between Johnson Controls of the United States and Hitachi to accelerate the global expansion of Hitachi air conditioning products. As a comprehensive air conditioner manufacturer, which has a variety of products for privates such as Hitachi Room Air Conditioner "Shirokuma-kun", enterprises, and industries, we are in charge of development, manufacture, and sales of Hitachi air conditioner products. We have approximately 15,000 (consolidated) associates from Asia, Europe, and South America. Both Johnson Controls and Hitachi have long histories with air conditioning products, so we collaborate to maximize the expertise and global network of Johnson Control and extensive experience and innovative technology of Hitachi to create a safe, comfortable and sustainable world.
主な業務内容■ 活躍のフィールドはグローバル。

● 営業(受注)と生産現場を結ぶコントロールタワー
● 需要予測・分析を通じて計画を立て、最適な生産規模と納期をタイムリーに指示
● 経営数値を分析し、経営への企画提案・サポート
● 工場の原価計算、営業の業績・債権管理、経営に必要な財務諸表、資産運用など、会社運営を管理
● 事業の成長と戦略の実行を人財面からサポート
● 従業員の能力を最大限に発揮できる環境・仕組みづくりとして、採用・人財開発・処遇・福利厚生など各種人事・福利施策の企画立案・実行・運営
■ Challenges in the global environment
We have various job positions that can bring out a comfortable space for people's lives and contribute to the environment. We have various job positions such as R&D, design and development, quality assurance, production technology, sales, and administrative work. Our business is based on the collaboration of diverse talents.
Each of our employees can constantly utilize their skills with the ambition to pursue maximum results every day. We are working on realizing and improving user-first air conditioning solutions not only in Japan but also abroad. Don't you join us and utilize your skills in our global working environment?

■ Administrative positions
【Production control】
● Act as a control tower that links sales (orders) and production sites
● Analyze to make plan through demand forecasting and indicate the optimal production scale and delivery date
● Analyze management figures to propose management plans and support
● Manage company operations such as factory costing, sales performance, receivables management, financial statements which are necessary for management, asset management, etc.
【human resources】
● Make HR strategy for business's growth and support
● Plan, execute, and manage human resource and welfare measures, such as recruitment, human resource development, treatment, and welfare programs, in order to create an environment and structure that allows employees to maximize their abilities

➀Shimizu Plant (Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-shi, Shimizu-ku)
➁Tochigi Office (Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture)
7 hours 45 minutes
24 days of paid leave (can be transferred to the following year), refresh leave, family support leave (childbirth leave, childcare & nursing care leave, annual nursing care leave, child nursing leave, family nursing leave, spouse maternity leave, condolence leave, fertility leave, spouse overseas transfer leave)
Unemployment insurance, Workers' compensation insurance, Health insurance, Welfare pension insurance, life insurance, damage insurance, and medical insurance, etc.
Dormitory, company house, housing allowance system, cafeteria plan, property accumulation savings, etc.
Commuting allowance, family allowance, housing allowance, etc.
We are looking for those who are
・flexible, ready to challenges and high-speed changes: We aim to be the fastest-growing HVAC company, and we are looking for people who would like to challenge themselves on various things.
・ global-minded and active : We will expand our business globally, especially in Asia. Candidates might need to challenge themselves not only in Japan market but also abroad.
・ good at leadership: Candidates should be aware that each and every one of you will be a leader and move forward.
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等日本語 - N2以上(上級)/英語 - 中級以上(人事のみ)
Web registration, Web aptitude test, document screening, 2-3 interviews
Our company is growing rapidly and has many opportunities to capitalize on our strengths in Japan as well as abroad.
Don't you want to start your career with us, become a member of a global company and actively take on various challenges in the future?

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