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Systena Corporation

採用形態正社員採用 / Hiring for Permanent Employees
Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Vocational school
Graduating in 2020, 2019 (estimated)
Already graduated
本社所在地東京都港区海岸1丁目2番20号/ 1-2-20 Kaigan, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
業種ソリューションデザイン事業、フレームワークデザイン事業、ITサービス事業、ソリューション営業、クラウド事業/ Solution design , Framework design, IT service, Solution sales, Cloud
Help desk position, General affairs support position
資本金15億1,375万円(2019年1月1日現在)/ 15 billion 1,3750,000 JPY (As of 1st January 2019)
従業員数単体:2,402名/連結:3,263名(2019年1月1日現在) 3263 employees (Consolidated, as of 1st January 2019)
過去の外国人採用歴外国人採用歴あり Has hired international students in the past
企業理念&説明【システナ コーポレートコピー】
『Link People for Happiness』
【Systena Philosophy】
『Link People for Happiness』
"Thinking for our customers" is our business essence.
What we truly look at is our customers and the people behind them.
What we are aiming at is to become a "service business" that makes people smile.
We cherish every end-users' feelings.
Development and quality verification of software such as automated driving and in-vehicle system, social infrastructure system, system for Web business, IoT related system and robot / AI, mobile device, system development for financial institution, system operation / help desk, IT product Providing total solution services from system planning, design, development and introduction to maintenance and user support, such as sales and system integration, provision of cloud services and game content development
まったくの未経験でも入社時に 「ビジネスマナー」から「PC操作方法」「IT専門知識」まで同期みんなでゼロから学べる研修制度がるので安心です。

【具体的なお問合せ内容】①パソコンが起動しない②メールの送受信が出来ない③WordやExcelの使い方④PCパスワードがわからない 等
We will work as team members at our customers, mainly for Japanese big companies and foreign-affiliated companies, in charge of general support operations such as correspondence, training and document preparation regarding personal computers and systems used by customers in Japanese and English.
Even if they are completely inexperienced when joining our company, don't worry because there will be a training system that everyone can learn from “business manners” to “PC operation method” “IT expertise”
Even after project assignment, senior employees will carry out OJT carefully, so it is an environment where you can always consult if you do not understand.

[Inquiry contents] 1 PC does not work 2 Can not send or receive e-mail 3 How to use Word or Excel 4 Forgot PC password etc
Tokyo head office or clients'offices in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures (depending on projects).
※Working time may differ due to the project
休日完全週休2日制(土・日)※プロジェクトにより、異なる場合がございます。 / 祝祭日 /年次有給休暇 /夏季休暇(5日間) / 年末年始休暇 / 特別休暇(結婚、産前、産後、配偶者出産、育児、未就学児看護、介護、忌引、引越等) / 生理休暇 / 振替休日制度 / 記念日休暇(1日)
2 days off per week(Saturday, Sunday) ※ It may differ depending on the project, national holiday, annual paid leave , summer vacation (5 days), Year-end holidays, special leave (marriage, maternity, postpartum, spouse birth, childcare, nursing for preschoolers, nursing, nursing, retirement, etc.), menstrual leave , Transfer holiday system, anniversary vacation (1 day)
社会保険健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険完備 / Employment Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Pension Insurance
福利厚生昇給年1、賞与年2 、健康診断、確定拠出年金、財形貯蓄、持株会、貸付金、結婚/出産祝金、弔慰金、保養所、予防接種(インフルエンザ)費用補助、サークル活動、イベント、各種無料研修(50コース)・資格取得支援(業務上有益な資格の教材提供・講習会実施など資格取得を支援)、東京ドームプロ野球観戦チケット、試用期間3ヶ月/待遇変更なし/ Salary adjustment 1 a year , bonus 2 a year, health checkup, defined contribution pension, asset-building savings, in-house savings,marriage / baby gifts, condolence, recreation center, vaccination (influenza) expense support, circle activity, events, various Free training (50 courses) · Qualification acquisition support (support for acquisition of qualifications such as provision of educational materials useful for business qualifications and training sessions), Tokyo Dome pro baseball tickets ( There will be no change in benefits during your 3-months-trial period)
諸手当等通勤手当/月5万円迄、残業代全額支給、休日手当、深夜手当 / Transportation allowance (Up to 50,000 JPY), Overtime working allowance, Working on holiday allowance, Late working allowance
・理念に共感頂き、実践頂ける方 (参考: https://www.systena.co.jp/about/idea.html)
We are looking for those:
・Flexible while working in Japan
・Agree and comply with our corporate philosophy ( More information: https://www.systena.co.jp/about/idea.html)
・Have hospitality mindset and high contribution spirit
・ Able to use basic honorifics
・Would like to have long-term career in Japan
語学・資格、 必要なスキル等日本語能力:N1必須(ネイティブレベル、ビジネスレベル)
Japanese proficiency: N1 (must) (Business level or higher)
Other language proficiency: English ( TOEIC 650 or higher)
Qualifications: N/A
選考ステップ【STEP1】 書類選考



【STEP1】 Document screening
Screening document received at JOB HAKU

【STEP2】First interview (written test, interview)

【STEP3】Second interview (interview)

Job offer
※ Candidates who come to our company for interviews will receive 1000 yen QUO gift card.
■年間休日129日 ■月平均残業時間19時間 ■お客様からの「ありがとう」がうれしい。同期と一緒に、ここから新しい毎日を始めよう!!
In our company, there are many young and passionate members and 90% of them didn't have IT experience when joining us.
Would you like to attend free career training sessions and access to our free support system for more than 100 qualifications?
Let's start your career with us.
■129 days off per annum ■Average 19 hours overtime working ■Let's start every new day with us and together share the happiness when customers say "thank you".
★We recruited 20 foreign staffs in 2018.

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